About Creative Curt Chillstrom

My passion has always been art and technology. Web design and working with code is the perfect fit, creating layouts and understanding how to take that layout and make it interactive is a wonderful thing. I started my learning on Netscape Navigator, which at the time had a simple UI to put together basic web pages. After my first web page, I was hooked and went on to get my Associates in Applied Science from Alexandria Technical College. Then added an advanced multi media certification, this included learning Flash, Dreamweaver and Strata 3D.

Shortly after going to school, I landed my first full-time job with Central Power Distributors (CPD), the work was challenging and a lot to juggle between the day to day marketing needs with website updates and graphic design requirements. But this all helped to mold my efficient time management style.

Leaving the cold climate of Minnesota, I found myself here in wonderful Texas. I quickly found part time work with a small company before moving on to Thermo-Serv. Thermo-Serv allowed me to develop several websites for different divisions within the company.

One of my favorite challenges was to build several mugs utilizing my knowledge on 3D software. A close second was setting up a test site that used PHP/MySQL to showcase a small product line.

After feeling that I had accomplished all I could, I went to work with CreditSolutions. Unfortunately, this endeavor ended abruptly do to the company restructuring shortly after my hiring and removing that marketing arm and then relocating other members.

But not to be left in the cold, I found myself at a new company - TravelFocus, now known as TSI USA / ITS. I moved up from Web Designer to Sr. Web Designer and finally to Creative Director.

I'm currently residing in Arlington, TX with my wife and two boys.

Chillstrom Family

Now that we are all caught up, please look over my resume and let me know if can help you with anything by going here.